Men’s Style: How to Retain Your City Look in the Great Outdoors

Going on a countryside retreat with your loved one or an action-packed road trip with the boys? Want to be comfortable in the great outdoors while still retaining your city chic look? With modern trends and fabrics it’s easily done. No need to go out and buy a special weekend wardrobe as a few basics will get you by.


Sturdy trousers are key to remaining comfortable on an outdoor expedition. They shouldn’t be too tight to avoid causing discomfort and should be made from a natural material to let your skin breathe. You don’t want to wear an impractical colour as stains are all too easy to come by outdoors – think grass, mud, your lunch and other potential hazards.

Chinos or drawstring sweatpants with a narrow ankle fit are the most practical choices. Look towards shops like H&M and River Island for inspiration on the high street. Opt for grey tones or dark greens and reds that are great in concealing spots of dirt.


Shoes are the most important part of an outdoor outfit. To survive a day of walking along uneven terrains, you’ll need a pair of quality trainers that provide proper support or else you’ll be complaining after the first hour. Take your gym shoes with you and wear them with a thick pair of sports socks.
Don’t think you’ll get by with your cheap pair of plimsolls from a high street chain store.


Weather’s unpredictable no matter where you go. Mountainous regions are particularly prone to sudden showers. Make sure you have a wind and rainproof jacket with you for those surprising moments. If you don’t have one, this is the one purchase you might just have to make before setting off. Head to shops like Mountain Warehouse for a wide selection and price ranges to suit any budget. British country classic brand,Barbour, makes jackets that are stylish enough to be worn in the city.


Think layering to regulate your body temperature. Avoid synthetic fabrics that will only make you sweaty. Start with a singlet top and work your way up with the idea that you can always strip off a layer if it gets too warm. Opt for a mens polo shirt for a chic casual look that’s appropriate for a stop at the local pub too, and dinner at a restaurant. Try shops like All Saints for a modern collection. Top it off with thin jumpers in fleece or knitwear.